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Play, explore and fly through the sky with Witch, Cat and friends! 8 magical, fun filled games based on the best selling book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo.

Ideal for 3 – 7 year olds, the beautiful Room on the Broom Games are designed to inspire creativity and learning while giving hours of fun for everyone.

Collect medals as you:

  • Fly from star-to-star creating amazing pictures in the sky. What picture will you make?
  • Cat wants you to catch things which are flying past in the wind. Watch out for the squirrel!
  • Help the Dog, Bird and Frog find things the friendly Witch has dropped…
  • Create your own beautiful star pictures – move the stars, change their colours and fly the Witch between them!
  • Help the Dragon eat his favourite food – but make sure he doesn’t eat anything else…
  • Steer the ‘magnificent broom’ through the night sky, catching magical letters in this creative literacy game.

Players and parents can feel comfortable as there are no in-app purchases.

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“Exploratory, beautiful, and fun”

“A fabulous choice of games which bring the characters from the book to life”” Mum Friendly Blog

 “We love that the games encourage learning skills such as counting, creativity and literacy.” Childcare Is Fun Blog

“A must-have app” The i Mums

“This is one app children are going to be able to enjoy over and over again” Best Apps For Kids

Gaming tips

Here are a few tips to get the most out of the games. We hope you find them useful.


Join the Stars

Aim: Fly Witch and Cat from star to star to create a sparkling picture in the sky. Once you’ve joined all the stars can you have to guess what the picture is?

Tip #1: This is the Witch’s amazing flying version of dot-to-dot.

Tip #2: The cauldron counts down the number of stars you have left to join together.

Tip #3: Witch doesn’t just have to fly directly from star to star; she can also fly any way you want. Why not try looping the loops or writing your name in the sky?

Find the hat_ipad

Finding games

Aim: Help Dog, Bird and Frog find the objects that Witch has lost.

Tip #1: Tap on images in the landscape to reveal what is hidden underneath.

Tip #2: Try to find the missing object with as few tries as possible.

Windy day collecting game_ipad

Windy day collecting game

Aim: Catch the objects that Cat is thinking of, as they fly past in the wind.

Tip #1: Tap on the items to collect them.

Tip #2: To win medals, look out for the golden leaves as they fly past and catch them too.

Drawing with stars_ipad

Drawing with stars

Aim: Create your own drawings in the night sky. Move the numbered stars around the sky, then tap on Witch and watch her fly between them leaving a colored trail behind her.

Tip #1: Tap on the wand to clear the sky and start positioning the stars again. Pressed the wand by accident? Don’t worry, tap it again and the stars will return to where they were.

Tip #2: Touch the stars to change their color. Witch’s trail will change color too!

Dragon loves chips_ipad

Dragon loves fries

Aim: Dragon is hungry for his favorite food. Help him catch fries.  Press on Dragon to open his mouth and move him across the screen.

Tip #1: When you press Dragon he will automatically open his mouth so make sure there is a fry nearby.

Tip #2: Avoid eating anything other than fries.  Dragon doesn’t like the other items!


Fly the magnificent broom

Aim: Fly on the Magnificent Broom and spell words by catching the correct letters as they approach in the sky.

Tip #1: You can change the direction of the broom to look for letters by pressing and swiping up, down, left or right.

Tip #2: Catch each letter by steering the front of the broom into it.

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Consultants – Insight for Hire Ltd

Published by Magic Light Pictures Ltd


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